Software for the Kingdom Hall Audiovisual Desk

Welcome to the SoundBox website. We create and support free, open-source Windows software for use by the audiovisual team at meetings of Jehovah's Witnesses. Please see below for a description of products to supplement your use of JW Library.



A talk timer that helps keep the meeting on-track. Automatic update of meeting talk times week by week. "Adaptive" timing accommodates meeting dynamics.

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Simple audio recording software to save the meeting in MP3 format which is compatible with all modern players. Files are ready for distribution.

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Image creation and display tool for Bible verses. Seen occasionally in public talks and at other meetings. Use sparingly and choose fonts and colours wisely!



A streamlined media player to display images or videos on the TVs or projector, or to play audio files. Use OnlyM when JW Library lacks the necessary functionality.

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A legacy application that was widely used before the transition to JW Library. It's still available for download but support ceased at the end of 2018.

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